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In this book, Parker briefly shares highlights of his formative years then his later search for meaning, usefulness and a knowing peace. He finds these things in a true helping of others to become more fulfilled persons in their own lives найти работу в интернете . Many philosophies, religions and “ways” speak thus. It is a pleasure when you feel at the end of this well written little book, that you too have found that работа мск same sense of peace…

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In this book, Parker briefly shares highlights of his …

Parker Wayland sorts through the complicated way we tend to look at God and in the process makes sense. Read this book to help clarify your thinking. You will be glad you did!

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A personal expression of faith in an understanding way. Well written

Parker systematically unravels the mystery of finding our way to God as he shares real life revelations alongside facinating stories of his experiences on the mission field. A great read for all especially for skeptics.

Bonnie Mae Evans

Unraveling the mystery of God


Wayland ponders the universe from a Christian perspective in this spiritual debut.

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did all of this come from? Such questions have befuddled humanity throughout history and have launched innumerable books attempting to suss out some answers. Wayland adds a new submission to the pile with this volume, which attempts to take readers from a place of broad ambivalence and lead them to an acceptance of Christian theology.

The author begins by dividing the answers to philosophical questions into yeses and noes, where the noes represent a random or nihilistic view of the universe and the yeses offer a more positive, purpose-driven cosmology. “Each of us chooses ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in many different ways as we grow and mature,” writes Wayland. “But the ‘no’ answer gives no life or hope. It is dead. Only in the ‘yes’ answer is there power to sustain and nourish a life.”

Quickly determining that yeses make more sense, the author discusses the difficulty of the search for God, then marvels at the luck of having available to humanity the revealed word of God in the form of the Holy Bible. He guides the reader through his interpretation of the Bible’s portrayal of the nature of God, evil, love, and Jesus, as well as his own faith and mission work.

Wayland is a practiced writer and details his concepts and arguments in a personable, almost professorial way. Self-deprecating and learned—his career was in chemical and nuclear engineering—he presents his beliefs as the products of a reasonable and thoughtful mind.

His questioning tone aside, Wayland’s views fall well within mainstream Christian dogma. He takes his time getting to his ultimate goal, which is to convert souls to Jesus, and the way his focus narrows from a general curiosity to Christianity by means of a faux-deductive reasoning may strike certain readers as disingenuous. Christian readers—or those curious about the religion’s teachings—should find his message comforting. Those looking for a flexible view of the universe, however, will likely be disappointed.

About The Book

This book is a memoir, but it is also a flashlight. With all its contradictions, turmoil and other sources of confusion, making sense of this life is a big challenge. The title казино онлайн бесплатно boldly proclaims that life does make sense, and then proceeds to shine light through the darkness and despair onto a bedrock of truth and hope.

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about the author

PARKER WAYLAND is a retired chemical and nuclear engineer and U.S. Navy Captain. He has been active in overseas Christian missions since 1997, serving, teaching and preaching all over the world.

Parker’s  experiences on these missions form a solid foundation for making sense of this life. His home is in Knoxville, Tennessee. He and his wife Betsy have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

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